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    Novus Selcorum Rules & Regulations


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    Novus Selcorum Rules & Regulations Empty Novus Selcorum Rules & Regulations

    Post  Kaizer on Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:06 pm

    To every member of Novus Selcorum one must:

    #1 Be respectful to your fellow Elters.
    #2 Communicate & have fun.
    #3 Always seek friendship and unity to one's alliances.
    #4 Heed help in a respectful manner.
    #5 Must be loyal & a trust to other Elters.
    #6 Registered to the NovusSelcorum forum & learn to check daily.
    #7 Help the legion when you can in any beneficial way.
    #8 Never fight with other members or abuse in any kind of way.
    #9 Unite & Help one another.

    Most especially,

    #10 Love for your character & Aika. Razz

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