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    How Novus Selcorum All Started Out


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    How Novus Selcorum All Started Out Empty How Novus Selcorum All Started Out

    Post  Kaizer on Thu Oct 14, 2010 5:56 pm

    Best be suggested if you read the short back drop history of BK n' me before getting through this thread.

    Novus Selcorum [New Order] was established by Kaizer n' Kaizhi. They, who were an out spurt of BlackKnights legion who Kaizer, the former legion leader which is now being runned by pitchacorno. (Main leader who established BK was Miku) A spite from the happenings of the two legions, Kaizers main focus was to bring a "new order" or a new life to Britannia and its people. Member's from the former legion whom served and seek, followed in hope for a brighter future. Those were ORonO, Basch ,& Queen. Three high Elters came to join and help building NovusSelcorum a new better place for members to stay.

    Still on to this day they are still continuing to build trust of people and create a unity that none or anyone could break.

    Novus Selcorum
    "New Order"

    Thought by Kaizhi

    Founders: Kaizer n' Kaizhi
    Pioneers: ORonO, Basch, Queen

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